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7 most important motivations for using VPN

VPN is a computer network technology which enables people to access confidential contents hosted on private IP address space via unsafe public network such as 3G or WiFi. VPN is usually deployed by governments, companies, or universities for internal resource access.

When configured as a router, a remote VPN server can do much more things.

It will change your public visible IP address. For example, when you connect to a VPN server in the United States, your IP address appears to be in the US. So you can access episodes on Netflix or Hulu which otherwise are not available in your own country.

VPN will also encrypts the tunnel. As a consequence, your ISP or your company will not be able to monitor what you are doing online. Cool?

Here are some most important motivations for using VPN:

  1. To access better entertainment contents, e.g. YouTube / Netflix etc.
  2. Unblock websites in some country. You need VPN or proxy to access Google and Facebook in China.
  3. Bypass IP based geo-location restriction and access more contents, e.g. visiting Netflix US episodes in Canada.
  4. To access blocked services. Some ISP blocks Skype, when you use Skype on VPN, they do not know.
  5. Visit blocked sites at work or school.
  6. Protect online privacy, WiFi providers can not track your activities when you are using VPN.
  7. Surf the Internet anonymously.